Is there an iPhone app for parental control?

Is there an iPhone app for parental control?


As a parent, ensuring the safety and well-being of your child in today’s digital world can be a daunting task. With so many potential dangers lurking online, it’s important to have the right tools to protect your child and manage their digital activities. One question that often arises is whether there is an iPhone app for parental control. In this article, we will explore the options available and how they can help you safeguard and manage your child’s online experiences.

Table of Contents

  • What is parental control?
  • Why is parental control important?
  • Is there an iPhone app for parental control?
  • How can an iPhone app for parental control help?
  • Key takeaways
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What is parental control?

Parental control refers to the tools and features that allow parents to monitor and manage their child’s digital activities. These tools can include content filtering, screen time management, app restrictions, and monitoring of online interactions. By using parental control features, parents can ensure that their child is accessing appropriate content, spending their time online wisely, and staying safe from potential online threats.

Why is parental control important?

In today’s digital age, children are exposed to a wide range of online content and potential risks. Without proper supervision and guidance, they may encounter inappropriate content, fall victim to cyberbullying, or spend excessive amounts of time on their devices. Parental control tools provide a way for parents to mitigate these risks and promote a safe and healthy online environment for their children.

By implementing parental control measures, parents can:

  • Control and limit screen time to prevent excessive device usage.
  • Filter and block inappropriate content, such as violence or adult material.
  • Restrict access to certain apps or websites.
  • Monitor online activities and receive alerts for potential risks.

Is there an iPhone app for parental control?

Yes, there are several iPhone apps available for parental control. Apple provides built-in parental control features called “Screen Time” that allow parents to manage their child’s device usage. With Screen Time, parents can set time limits, block specific apps or websites, and receive activity reports. These features are built into the iOS operating system and can be accessed through the device’s settings.

In addition to Apple’s built-in features, there are also third-party apps available on the App Store that offer more advanced parental control functionalities. These apps provide additional features such as real-time location tracking, social media monitoring, and instant messaging controls. Some popular third-party apps for parental control on iPhone include:

  • Bark: Bark provides comprehensive monitoring and alerting features to help parents protect their children online. It monitors texts, emails, social media, and more, alerting parents to potential issues like cyberbullying, online predators, and self-harm.
  • Norton Family: Norton Family offers a range of parental control features, including web filtering, time supervision, and location tracking. It also provides detailed reports on your child’s online activities.
  • Qustodio: Qustodio allows parents to set screen time limits, block inappropriate content, and monitor social media activities. It also provides real-time location tracking and panic alerts.

How can an iPhone app for parental control help?

Using an iPhone app for parental control can provide several benefits for both parents and children. Here are some ways these apps can help:

1. Safeguarding online activities

Parental control apps allow parents to safeguard their child’s online activities by monitoring and filtering content. This ensures that children are protected from exposure to inappropriate or harmful material, such as violence, explicit content, or cyberbullying.

2. Managing screen time

Excessive screen time can have negative effects on a child’s physical and mental well-being. Parental control apps enable parents to set limits on screen time and promote a healthy balance between device usage and other activities, such as outdoor play or homework.

3. Restricting access to apps and websites

Parents can use these apps to block or restrict access to certain apps and websites, ensuring that children are not accessing age-inappropriate content or engaging in potentially risky online activities.

4. Monitoring online interactions

With parental control apps, parents can monitor their child’s online interactions, including social media activity, text messages, and calls. This helps parents stay informed about their child’s digital behavior and detect any potential risks or issues.

Key takeaways

  • Parental control refers to tools and features that help parents safeguard and manage their child’s digital activities.
  • iPhone apps for parental control, including Apple’s built-in Screen Time features and third-party apps, provide various functionalities to protect children online.
  • These apps can help parents control screen time, filter content, restrict access to apps and websites, and monitor online interactions.
  • Popular third-party apps for parental control on iPhone include Bark, Norton Family, and Qustodio.


Is parental control necessary for older children?

Yes, parental control is still important for older children. While older children may have more independence and digital literacy, they can still benefit from parental guidance and protection. Parental control tools can help parents set boundaries, manage screen time, and ensure safe online experiences for children of all ages.

Can parental control apps be bypassed or disabled by children?

While it is possible for tech-savvy children to bypass or disable certain parental control measures, using a combination of built-in and third-party apps can provide a more comprehensive level of protection. Additionally, open communication and educating children about online safety are essential for a holistic approach to digital parenting.


With the increasing prevalence of digital devices in our lives, it’s crucial for parents to have the tools and knowledge to protect their children in the online world. iPhone apps for parental control offer a range of features to help parents safeguard and manage their child’s digital activities. Whether it’s controlling screen time, filtering content, or monitoring online interactions, these apps provide valuable support in promoting a safe and healthy online environment for children.

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